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Why You Should Do a Boudoir Shoot for Valentine’s Day

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner can be difficult! Sometimes it’s hard to come up with something that is unique, hasn’t been done over and over, not cheesy, and something you know he will love. This year, instead of chocolate and a card, how about surprising your partner with a gift he’ll never forget!

And BONUS, no one has to know it but…it’s secretly a gift for YOU!

We have all said it over and over! Men are SOOO hard to buy for! They usually go buy the things they want before we even have the chance to wrap their gift!  So why not give him the gift he can not go buy himself! Give the gift of YOU this Valentine’s Day!

Wow! I never even thought of boudoir photos, but when my wife surprised me with a book for our anniversary, I was FLOORED! BEST. GIFT. EVER.!


Give the gift of Self Love! We want to be the mirror that so many of us are missing, a mirror that shows you that true and beautiful reflection of our inner and external beauty. Almost every session that we do, women come in and they tell us how they almost didn’t show up. How they don’t think they can do this. They aren’t sexy, that they are average. We are here to show you, you are breath-taking, feminine, sensual, and absolutely beautiful!

“I was in tears!! I couldn’t believe the was me!  Thank you is not enough… the whole experience, from your inviting personality, to the amazing makeup Coco did, to the way you coached me every second was amazing! This experience has inspired me and I have discovered a new love for this body I have! You are seriously a blessing!” 



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