Why should you do a Boudoir shoot?

I truly believe that every woman should be able to experience a boudoir photo shoot. I know what you’re going to say. I need to lose weight first. I’m not photogenic. I’m not a model – I’ll never look like those women in your photos! I promise you, none of those things matter – you are perfect just the way you are. It is my job to make you look like a goddess in your photos and, I promise you, you will. Doing a boudoir shoot is an amazing experience that you will never forget.


1.You deserve to get pampered for a day!

When was the last time you sat back and had your hair and makeup done? You know that feeling when you get your hair done for the first time in awhile. Everything just seems better. You feel better, you feel happier, you just feel more YOU. Now, imagine this. You walk into my studio – your favorite music is playing, a stylist is awaiting your arrival to pamper you, your favorite beverages are on hand, and you get to spend the next hour playing dress up with your new lingerie. Can you imagine anything better? As women, we don’t pamper ourselves enough. You deserve this.


Give yourself this special treat and book your boudoir experience today!

I haven't had a day for myself in a long time! It was so relaxing to hang out with Laura and Coco getting my makeup done!  I felt like a queen getting pampered! I can not wait to do it again!"- Jill

2. It teaches you to be comfortable in your own skin.

As women, we are our own worst critics. When we see flaws and imperfections, others see beauty.  It is my job to help you see how beautiful and amazing you are. Every single woman I have photographed has walked away feeling more confident. Once you’re all glammed up – gorgeous hair and makeup, beautiful new lingerie, and hot heels – you’ll look AND feel amazing. This feeling is evident in every single one of your images. You’ll be reminded of this newfound confidence every time you think back to your shoot, look at your album, or look up at the prints on your wall. I promise.

"I feel like a million bucks! I cant wait to do this again! Every women should totally do it! Its an awesome amazing experience and you owe it to yourself!" -Christy

3. It’s a great excuse to buy new lingerie.

When was the last time you bought or even WORE lingerie? For many of us, it’s been awhile. This is the perfect time to splurge on yourself. Pick out some kickass pieces that you feel amazing in. You could even use this as an opportunity to try something that isn’t really your style. You’d be surprised how much you love pieces that you didn’t think were really “you”. Don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune either. There are many places where you purchase amazing lingerie at a reasonable price (Think H&M, Amazon, etc.). The best part? Every time you put that outfit back on after your shoot, you’ll be reminded how badass you really are.

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4. It’s a TON of fun!

For many women, the days leading up to their shoot can be nerve wracking. I get it – I’d be more worried if you WEREN’T nervous! You’re doing something that you’ve never done before and you aren’t 100% sure what to expect. I promise you, once we start shooting, your nerves will calm immediately. Most women that I photograph definitely describe the experience as a fun and memorable one! It’s not every day that you get to be treated like a celebrity – take advantage of it!

5. It pushes you out of your comfort zone.

We all have our comfort zone. Sometimes it’s our role as “Mom” or “Wife”. For others it’s our roles in our careers. For most of us, it’s not “Model”. No one ever walks into my studio knowing exactly what to do – that’s my job! I will model each and every pose prior to having you do it. I will tell you the angle to tilt your head, where to point your toes, how to part your lips. This is a safe place to let loose and be sexy – a side of you that typically gets buried beneath all of the other roles we take on as women.

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6. Bonus: It makes a GREAT gift!

I can’t think of a better gift to give your significant other than the gift of YOU. Does your significant other really need another watch, flask, or bottle of whiskey? These are gifts that ANYONE can buy. Imagine the look on your significant others’ face when they open an album full of sexy photos of you. There is nothing like it, I assure you. Most of my clients are speechless when they see their photos for the first time. “Is that really me?!?” is a common reaction. Many clients order wall art to hang in their bedrooms or bathrooms to remember that feeling every time they look at it. So, while many think boudoir photography is a gift for a significant other, it often ends up being a gift for YOU as well.

Are you ready to take the leap? Do you still have questions? I’d love to answer any questions you have and make you feel more at ease, if so. Regardless, shoot me an email. I’d love to chat. ☺



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